Five Ways to Get More Courage

But What Kind of Courage Do You Need?

What would you do if your life did a 180, and then a 360 and then a 540? Sometimes change happens all at once. That happened to me in 2018. How can we be prepared to show up with courage? It depends on what kind of courage you need…physical, moral, social, creative, collective—or all five! And five is how I remember to seek out the Courage Quintessentials: three key ideas of true self, trust, community plus practicing paradox and reflection.

I’m excited to share my podcast with Carol Chapman of Hearts Rise Up, exploring what it takes to live a heart-centered life. We talked about learning to live into the ideas I wrote about in The Courage Way, namely — where courage comes from. We covered:

  1. Awareness of cycles

  2. Writing as a way of processing life

  3. True self-care

  4. What is “True Self?”

  5. Paying attention to signs

  6. Creating spaciousness

  7. Being comfortable with paradox

  8. Accessing the best, whole part of yourself

  9. Ingredients of courage – “Quintessentials”

  10. Finding the “third thing”

  11. What would you do with more courage?

  12. Advice to writers

Feedspot named Hearts Rise Up as one of the “Top 30 Wisdom Podcasts You Must Follow in 2021.”  Here are the audio, show notes, and links if you prefer another podcast platform.

Hopefully, the ideas might spark what you can do to notice when life comes in cycles and how to tap into your true self for whatever kind of courage you need.