Our First Book Wins Nautilus Award

Doctor's Memoir Resilient Threads Proves Relevant

How do we prepare medical students, residents and seasoned physicians to keep their hearts open in a profession where there is an epidemic of burnout, depression and suicide? A book that shines a light on possible answers has won a 2020 Nautilus Book Award. “Resilient Threads: Weaving Joy and Meaning into Well-Being,” by Mukta Panda, M.D., was named a Silver award winner in the memoir category.

The Nautilus awards are given to print books of exceptional merit that make a literary and heartfelt contribution to spiritual growth, high-level wellness, responsible leadership and positive social change & social justice, as well as to the worlds of art, creativity and inspiration.

Mukta Panda, MD, is professor and assistant dean for Well-Being and Medical Student Education in the University of Tennessee Health Science Center’s College of Medicine Chattanooga. Her memoir was released in early 2020—just as the COVID pandemic began. It is the first book for Creative Courage Press. The award is a testament to the relevance of Mukta’s journey in a year when we all became more aware of the sacrifices physicians make to their own well-being to care for their patients, families and friends—and then themselves.

A champion of soul-deep, system-wide self-care

Dr. Panda is also co-author of a new Oath to Self-Care and Well-Being that supplements the Hippocratic Oath. Mukta will be leading the University of Tennessee medical graduates in pledging their Hippocratic Oath aloud at the May 19 graduation ceremony (in person!), and they will all receive a laminated copy of the Oath to Self-Care to keep in their white coats. In 2020, Mukta was named Woman Physician of the Year by the Tennessee Chapter of the American College of Physicians.

Resilient Threads is an inspiring and instructional story of an academic physician, a mother, and an immigrant from India, and how she has contributed to humanism in healthcare and medical graduate education. By weaving stories of connecting to her patients, students, and colleagues with her own stories of belonging, she models how we can each thrive by creating community and self-awareness.

Midwest Book Review offered this endorsement, “A ‘must read’ for anyone working in the health care community, especially during the once-in-a-century impact of a global pandemic, “Resilient Threads: Weaving Joy and Meaning into Well-Being” will have great value for readers in other stress-filled occupations and circumstances as well.  Thoroughly ‘reader friendly’ in organization and presentation, “Resilient Threads” is especially and unreservedly recommended for both community and college/university library Health & Medicine collections.[…]”

A Meaningful Gift for Graduating Med Students

Resilient Threads is available through any bookseller — and with a balance of chutzpah and humility, I’d like to say that it would make a wonderful gift for graduation medical students, residents and fellows this time of year!

Please consider requesting your local library to buy a copy, especially if you live near university with a medical school and teaching hospital. It’s available as a hardcover, paperback or ebook. Thank you!!!

Please warm up your hands for some applause to celebrate with me and Mukta Panda! Follow her at www.MuktaPandaMD.com or @MuktaPandaMD on Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.

For more about the Nautilus book awards, visit www.nautilusbookawards.com.