Thank you for the gift of all these wonderful words, Shelly! I love your poem and the way you convey the oh-so-human struggle to find balance between/among so many things, but especially being and doing, and I very much appreciate your reminder to recognize and stay connected to our true work. I'm so, so glad you're in the world sharing your words and the words of others!!

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What a wonderful read, Shelly! I'd not heard of that phrase before, that "we write what we need to learn." I really feel it though!

And those new publications sounds like my kind of books! Looking forward to them.

With warm appreciation,


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Shelly, Thank you! Beautiful indeed. To hear it in your voice truly spoke to me in ways that was so giving. You bring to life what it means to be human and live each day through all the experiences and be intentional and mindful to keep things that matter and fill us always as our focus. Your gift will continue to give. Deep gratitude dear friend 🙏🏽💕

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